I spezialise in cherry picking the nicest and best LHD cars from the UK and to present them for you on a silver plate. 

None of these cars are owned or sold by me but are on offer either by private individuals or dealers.

I regularly scan the UK market, benchmark against around 15 European platforms and will post only if the offered car can give you an added value - either in price or in quality/price or both...

I facilitate between the buyer and the seller (in the European language you prefer - I am tri-lingual in English/French/German with enough Italian & Spanish to help you. I can get involved as little or as much as you wish me to - and offer communication, negotiation, arranging viewings to organising the transport of your new car back to your home.

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Please check out the list of LHD  cars by clicking on the little arrow in the menu bar... I will prepare a more detailed fact sheet for each car once you contact me with your interest.

My second business is pure OFFMARKET BROKERAGE and facilitating where I will use my extensive global network to source and find that specific dream car that is usually not advertised or put online. The most beautiful and rarest cars never make it online so you can benefit from strictest condidentiality and fast feedback with straight forward and honest communication.

Some of the recent successes in OFFMARKET were a Ferrari 458 SA, Porsche 997 GT3RS 4.0L, a Bugatti 57, Aston Martin One77, McLaren Senna slot... I can source anything from Classiche certified Ferraris to contract slots for newly limited super sport cars...  please contact me for further details and a exploratory first chat